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Terms And Conditions

We would like to point out the important terms and conditions. Read them before using the products and services of the SEO Experts. In case, you do not accept these terms and conditions, kindly stop using this website.

Terminologies That Are Frequently Used In This Page

  • Client: This term includes an individual, firm or business that uses the services and products of the SEO Experts.
  • Search Engine: It refers to the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Website: It refers to the client’s website or the website of the SEO Experts.
  • Rank: It refers to the position of the website of the client on any of the search engine.
  • SEO: It means Search Engine Optimization which is performed to improve the ranking of the website on the search engines.

Terms And Conditions Regarding The Website

The information like text content, images, videos, audio and other materials are the copyright of SEO Experts. They are highly protected as they are the intellectual property of the SEO Experts. Thus, it gives no rights to any individual or company to copy or replicate these materials. If this policy is violated, the violator has to face legal issues and related charges.

Terms And Conditions Regarding The Purchase Of Products And Services

  1. Every contract between the client and SEO Experts will adhere to these terms and conditions. This contract allows the monthly subscription of the services by SEO Experts.
  2. The validity of the signed contract is for 12 months period from the date mentioned in the agreement.
  3. The clients must make sure to provide the written notice before 30 days to discontinue the agreement.
  4. If the SEO Experts do not receive the payment for the services provided by the SEO Experts from the client, the work on his or her website will immediately be stopped.
  5. SEO Experts will have the authority to edit the website of the client during the process of the website optimization. We can also ask the clients to make certain changes or follow some procedures whenever required.
  6. SEO Experts starts working for the client’s website within 5 working days of the week on receiving the payment for the contract.
  7. The customer is advised to pay in advance for the Million Local SEO Package on the quarterly basis. Apart from this package, payments for all the other packages will be made in advance on a monthly basis.
  8. The payment will be accepted via Credit Cards.
  9. Although the professionals of SEO Experts work hard to meet the goals of the optimization, we do not guarantee the improvement in the rank of the site on the search engines. Therefore, we are not financially responsible if the rank does not improve.
  10. If the client’s site requires few additional services for the optimization, there will be additional charges for them. This cost will be based on the number of hours spent on the additional work and keeping in mind the number of professionals involved.

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