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SEO Experts understand that protecting the personal information is very important to everyone. That is why we make sure to guard the personal details of all those who visit our website. In order to keep this policy transparent, we have developed the privacy policy in detail to explain how we manage the personal information of the traffic on our website in an efficient manner.

We advise you to read and understand the privacy policy mentioned in detail below. If it is not possible for you to follow them, do not use the website.

Purpose of the privacy policy

The personal information of the user contains his name, gender, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, and other contact details. Our website may contain the links to other websites. We do not take the responsibility of how the information of the users is used by these websites. This privacy policy is created only for the users of our website (https://www.seoexperts.co.in).

How will the website use the personal information of the users?

We majorly use the information of the user to interact with the users often about the products, services, offers etc. It eventually helps in providing the customized services and information to the users. We may also share the information with some other trusted companies, for instance, our subsidiaries, affiliates, and others.

How do we manage the cookies?

Cookies are small memories that store the information of the user whenever he visits websites. Cookies help in making the browsing experience of the users better. To protect the private information of the user around the world, the cookie law came into the picture. We ensure the user that his data is protected every time he uses our website under the cookie law. We ask for permission for placing cookies into the computer of the users. A window will pop-up on the user’s screen. He can either accept it or deny it according to his wish.

There are ample advantages to the cookies. They make the experience more personal that helps us to deliver the best services to the users. If you deny the use of cookies, it can obstruct the functioning of some of our functions which are very important.

Modifications in the privacy policy

SEO Experts reserves the right to make modifications, improvements, enhancements, and other alterations to its products & services at any time. In addition to this, it can also discontinue the use of any product or service without prior notification.

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