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With the changing era, the way people shop has changed. People do not prefer stepping out during the weekends even if they want to buy large appliances for their homes. They sit at their homes and browse the e-commerce websites to fulfil their requirements. Therefore, the e-commerce websites are making the lives of the people easier.

These e-commerce websites are nothing without their customers. The most important way to attract the attention of the customers is to improve its visibility in the SERP. It will also grow the revenues making that business a hit. To do so, the website requires the perfect SEO strategies.

While creating the e-commerce site, there are many SEO factors that must be kept in mind. Have a look at them to know more.

Keyword Research Plays An Essential Part

The search engines prefer those sites that make the best use of the targeted keywords. That is why the SEO campaigns for every type of site begin with the keyword analysis. To do so with the e-commerce site as well, start by listing the categories and products pages. Now, search for the best keywords for these categories and products pages one by one. Make sure to keep the keywords precise and clean for better results.

Pagination Affects The Seo Of The Site

The process of segmenting a large amount of content of the website is known as pagination. There are more than a single purpose for implementing pagination in an e-commerce website. These purposes are listed down.

  • It makes the navigation easier for the users
  • It improves the look of the website as it appears much cleaner
  • Lastly, it helps in the optimization and thus improves the ranking of the website

How Is Pagination Performed?

Pagination can be done in various ways. The most popular of them all is providing an infinite scroll to the pages. In case of e-commerce site’s page which contains the products that the site sells, the user scrolls down the page to load more content. It makes shopping easier for the users. The content of the website still has a separate page and also title tags. Pagination often creates canonical issues which can be corrected with the help of perfect SEO strategies.

To make it easier for the search engine to access the products of the e-commerce website, the webmaster must adopt the following two ways.

When a shopper scrolls down the product page, the pagination element is automatically added to the URL of the page. For instance- www.xyz.com/category/?page=3
Make sure to utilize the pagination tags in the page’s section.

Has Search Engine Indexed The Site?

It is necessary to find out whether the search engine has indexed the site or not. It will help you to take the necessary actions further. Never ignore the importance of the site operators. Also, you can make the searches in the search engines to know about the number of pages that are indexed.

If the search engine is unable to find your site, place the URL into the search box and then search for it. Make sure to use the search console to submit the sitemap. Not only this, you can find the problems that the crawlers faced to index the pages. Have a look at the crawl error report with the help of search console.

Create Appealing Titles And Meta Tags

If an e-commerce website has few pages, it is easy to create the title and meta tag for each page. But as the website starts attracting more traffic, more products and pages are added to the website. So, it is difficult to create the title and meta tags manually.

To solve this issue, the static and dynamic text comes into the picture. Using them together to titles and meta tags in bulk provides impressive results. For instance, a particular web page is about “women dresses”. The title tag can be “best offers on women dresses” where “best offers on” is the static text and the product “women dresses” is the dynamic text.

Have You Heard About Faceted Navigation?

Faceted navigation helps to sort out the page by specific attributes. It helps the customers to filter out the products displayed on the page with respect to the colour, size, price, style, and others.

The major drawback of the faceted navigation is the website will have several URLs that result in duplicate pages. It confuses the search engine as which page of that website must be indexed. To solve this matter, make sure to use the canonical tags, noindex tags and robots.txt rules.

Responsiveness And The Speed Of The Site Affects The Ranking Of The Site

The design of the e-commerce website must be mobile friendly. Not only this, the website must work flawlessly on all the platforms whether it is a laptop, a tab or any other device. Also, the loading speed of the e-commerce website on the browsers must be high. The speed and responsiveness of the site are the two factors which affect the site optimization considerably.

High-Quality Content Is The Backbone Of The Website-

Many e-commerce website owners do not feel the need of having high-quality content in the website. The reason behind is their website is product based. But, it is definitely a mistake. The webmasters suggest that producing fresh, informative and quality content for the users benefit in the search engine optimization of the website for sure.

Organize The Structure Of The Website-

Taking care of the structure of the website is the duty of the webmaster. The search engines prefer the well-structured websites. The reason behind this is when a site is properly structured, it will be simpler for the users to navigate the site. It will lead to the reduced bounce rate and eventually more conversions.

But when the site grows, more products and content is added to the web pages. It makes the site complex. Therefore, there are two things that must be done in such cases.

  1. If in future when the site experiences additional products and services, make sure that it does not disturb the simplicity of the site structure
  2. Each page must be a few clicks away from the main page or home page of the websites

Use Structured Data Markup For The e-Commerce Sites

To help the search engine access the useful details about the products on the website and display them in a rich format, structure data markup is used. It improves the visibility of the website along with the click-through rate.

There are four types of structured data that are mentioned below.

  1. Name
  2. Cost
  3. Aggregate Rating
  4. Availability

It is necessary to mention these details in the product page to make the search engine understand the content of the website. Therefore it will be simple for the search engine to display the marked-up details in the SERP.

E-commerce SEO is a difficult task but if done correctly, it will help in increasing the conversions and profits to the business website. Therefore, the above tips can help in making the ranking of the website better. Use these SEO tips for a successful e-commerce website.

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