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To promote a beneficial visual content ecosystem, tech behemoth Google is planning to roll out a new referer URL for Google images. It’s a move to address the concerns of webmasters, who haven’t been able to maximize the potential of Google images to drive traffic to websites so far.

Generally, the webmasters pay more attention to the google search while doing the SEO. They focus more on the aspects like rich content, the metadata, CTR etc., for the high ranking of the website. It restricts them to explore more areas in order to enhance the conversions to the site. They take the help of the same old theories and ignore the fact that they must not neglect the trends. Surprisingly, there are very few among them who consider the Google Image search.

Image search is the second best way that the users utilize to make the searches. It certainly means that with high-quality images on the web pages and best SEO strategies focussing on these images, you can reap the best results. Here are some of the reliable ways to use the images of the website perfectly for the optimization. Have a look!

Create Authentic Pictures For Your Website

For attracting more and more traffic to your website, you must have creative and fresh content because it makes a significant impact on the visitors. The same rule applies while placing the pictures on the web pages of the site.

For a long time, the website owners are using the stock images to post them on the websites because they are inexpensive. But, it is not the best source to gather images because the stock images have poor resolution and can raise the copyright issues. Since these images can create problems for you, it’s better to avoid them.

Nothing can beat the benefits of the creative and authentic images. This way, your website will stand out from the crowd. Also, you will definitely experience quality traffic to the website. The best part is you do not have to spend more on creating such pictures.

Find Out The Relevant Keywords For The Image

Just as the content is incomplete without the relevant keywords, it is the same with the images. The image requires the main keyword in the alt text and file name. Along with the keyword, latent semantic indexing or LSI keywords are equally significant. It is nothing but the keywords that are related to the main ones. For instance, if the focus keyword of an image is London Garage, the LSI keyword can be London vehicle repair.

Use The Metadata To Drive The Traffic

People do not read the entire blog often. They just go through the captions of the images. It gives them an idea of the content and saves their time. But, for that, an appealing image is necessary. From the SEO perspective, captions give the crawlers relevant details about the image during the indexing. Thus, it affects the ranking.

Google agrees that alt text is an essential element. The content of the website is described with the help of the alt text. Many times, the loading of the image gets hampered due to certain issues. In such cases, the users can see an image box with alt text in it. Therefore, if this text contains the relevant keywords, it will surely boost the optimization efforts.

Therefore, it can be stated that one of the most significant ranking factors is the use of the meta-data in the images. The use of captions, meta titles, meta descriptions and alt text make the things better for your website.

Have You Named The Images Well?

Suppose you have created an image and named it using random letters and numbers, for instance, IMG7888. It is going to trouble you if you have lots of images on the website. Also, it will be difficult to find a particular image on your device. In this situation, how can you expect the Google crawlers to find the relevant information and index it?

To make the subject of the image clear for the crawlers, Google suggests to rename the image and use the relevant information. It must be precise and contain the keyword to keep the image optimized.

A Picture-Perfect Website Is All You Need!

Building traffic to your website is a pretty straightforward job. You need to find out more and more ways to add to your SEO campaign if the previous ones are not working the way you wanted. It does not require many efforts. With these tips and tricks, you do not have to figure out yourself what to do next. Take the image search seriously to create a high-performance website.

The rule of the thumb is to practice effective SEO techniques like image search to drive traffic to your website.

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