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As the world is experiencing incredible technological innovations, it’s the right time for small, medium and large businesses to optimize their websites for voice search to reach a wider audience. Voice search compatible sites not only help firms to skyrocket their sales but they also offer a marvelous experience to users.

According to a report by a reputed technology company Global Web Index, 50% of the total search engine searches will be the voice searches by the year 2020. It shows that the market for voice search is quite broad and it needs proper attention. That is why, the reputed webmasters advise to learn all the aspects of voice searches, as it is going to be the revolution soon.

SEO Practices Voice Search

The advent of voice search in the market

The concept of voice search started becoming popular among people with the growing popularity of smartphones. The introduction of the virtual assistants like Cortana and Siri simplified the lives of mobile phone users like anything. Therefore instead of typing, the users started using these advanced features for the voice searches. This trend forced reputed technology brands to carry out extensive research on voice search technology, which eventually drove further developments in this direction.

And the development of the voice search speakers brought unbelievable changes in the way people used to benefit from voice search. Alexa, a virtual personal assistant that takes the voice commands and responds with the relevant voice searches, is the perfect example of such voice search speakers.

It added to the delight of the tech-savvy users. According to a study conducted by the Google, 72% of all the users of the voice-activated speakers, use these devices on a daily basis. This study explains a lot about the popularity of the voice search technology.

That is why the necessity of the search engine optimization for the voice search is higher than expected. There are endless reasons to get indulged in the optimization process. Have a look at them to know more about why and how to boost the user experience with the optimization tactics for the search engine voice searches.

Reasons to optimize for the voice search

Focus on the featured snippet

During a voice search, the virtual assistant answers by referring to the featured snippets that are ranked zero in the SERP. It also speaks the name of the website mentioned in the snippet. It means that the understanding of how the voice search work and how to optimize for the features snippets can help the websites and the business in the long run.

It surely means that the optimizing such searches can make the brand popular and also increase the revenue. Eventually, the website will get more customers and profits.

Better search results with the voice search

You can see many queries that are used frequently in case of voice searches.

For instance, the presence of GPS in such devices made an unbelievable impact in creating location-specific queries of the customers like, “find a restaurant near me,” or “Is the medical shop near me open?” are some of the most frequently used queries in the voice search. Therefore, optimizing the website for the voice searches is very important.

Tips to optimize for the voice search

On point mobile SEO

The increase in the use of smartphones enhanced the use of the mobile-friendly sites and also voice search. Therefore, a strong SEO strategy for the mobile sites will keep the mobile website ahead in the competition.

Do not forget the schema markup

Schema markup helps the search engines to identify the various information described in the web pages like location, price, events and many more. Such information can be useful in the voice search. Therefore, the use of schema markup is effective for the websites.

The schema markup also provides the high-quality result as it helps in ranking the content of the website higher in the featured snippet not only in the mobile search but also desktop search.

Precise content is effective

The content of the website which is specially designed for the voice search must be precise. Keep in mind that every content is read out loud and nothing is skipped.

There are customers who are busy and are looking for some relevant information with the voice search. They do not have time to read long articles. Therefore, it is better not to add too many details that can provoke the customers to skip the content or the website entirely. It will affect the website ranking in the SERP in a negative way.

So, if you want to serve your customers in a better way, you must optimize your website for voice search.

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