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No More False Promises…. We deliver measurable results, the numbers speak for themselves.
Million For small business
Billion For growing business
Trillion Top-of –the-line
5 - 10 Number of Keywords
$500 Set Up Cost (One Time)
Support Via:    
6 months Contract Period
250 per month
11 - 25 Number of Keywords
$1000 Set Up Cost (One Time)
Support Via:       
6 months Contract Period
525 per month
26 - 50 Number of Keywords
$1500 Set Up Cost (One Time)
Support Via:       
6 months Contract Period
1000 per month
  • Search Engine Optimisation Effective Internet Marketing Strategy
    • Keyword & Competitor Analysis
    • Off-Page Optimization
    • Website Architecture Review
    • Website Analytics Configuration
    • On-Page Optimization
    • Off-Page Activity & Search Engine Ranking Reports
  • Google Adwords Certified Company Our Perfection Powers Your Business
    • Setup your account structure
    • Group keywords into different ad groups
    • Use of negative keywords to prevent junk clicks
    • We write that generate leads (not just clicks)
    • Track computer and mobile campaigns separately
    • We setup, track, and optimize for more conversions
  • Pay Per Click ROI Focused Campaign Set-up
    • Initial Pay Per Click Campaign Setup
    • Ads Writing
    • Keywords Research & Selection
    • Landing Page Optimization
    • Bids Optimisation
    • Ongoing Optimization and Reporting
  • Social Media Marketing Same Old Word of Mouth Marketing
    • Social Networking Profile and Account Setup
    • Approved Article Promotion
    • Postings / Tweets - (Relevant to your product/service)
    • Press Media Distribution
    • Video Marketing
    • Monthly Activities Report
  • Web Analytics Who, what, when, where, and why
    • Business Requirement Analysis
    • Google Analytics Configuration
    • KPI analysis
    • Event Tracking & Analysis
    • Exit Page & Lost Sale Analysis
    • Monthly Traffic / Activity Report

SEO India - Hire Indian SEO Experts for Long term Rankings!

SEOExperts is a leading Search engine optimization services provider company based in India. Developing a website isn’t an end of your job, you need to build quality backlinks such that your website ranks well in the search engine results.

“Our dedicated SEO team has years of experience and expertise that can make you stand out of the crowd.”

Our SEO packages are built in a way that it can meet the budget and requirements of every client starting from small businesses to large enterprises. To know which plan suits you best, view all packages and compare them!

Why SEO Experts from India?

  • Increased leads, traffic and sales
  • Enhanced brand visibility
  • Cost-effective
  • SE Approved and tested SEO practices
  • Bespoke solution that meet client’s needs
  • 8+ years of industry Experiences
  • Promoted more than 400 websites
  • Guaranteed SEO Results
  • Affordable SEO Packages
  • 100% Social-Ethical-Organic approach
  • Global Visibility & Optimization
  • Well formated work and ranking report
  • Client Support & Consultation

On-page optimization is the process of generating quality website content with the right keyword density and then posting the content at the right places on the web. It is the first and foremost technique of every SEO campaign.

“Boost Your Website Traffic, Boost Your Sales”

Our on-page optimization package comprises of keyword placement, keyword density, Meta tags and a lot more. At SEOExperts, we offer the most comprehensive packages that work for your online business. Want to see the services we offer in our on-page SEO packages?

Why choose us?
  • Complete Website optimization
  • SE friendly Meta tags, website URL, Alt Tags, Titles, Site Map, internal linking and other Heading tags
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Image Optimization
  • W3C Validation
  • Effective Content with right keyword Density

In order to enhance the page ranking of your website in the search results, it is vital to get as many quality backlinks as possible. And this is where the link building services come into the picture. At SEOExperts, we are devoted to bring your website in the limelight and we ensure that our SEO services enable you to get an edge over the competitors.

“We make your business reach at summit”

We have three plans in our link building packages. To know which suits you best, view them in detail...

Why to choose us?
  • Top ranking across SERPs
  • Dedicated link builders for every project
  • Strict approach for quality and relevancy of the backlinks
  • Manual link building activities
  • Competitive rates

Social media marketing is the process of tactfully creating and submitting the content to the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, in order to boost website traffic.

“Win the war of users’ attention with our social media marketing services”

Social networks are the latest bandwagon on the market today. Businesses use social media platforms to improve brand awareness and customer service. The social media marketing is driven by ‘word-of-mouth’, so it’s comparatively an affordable option. We offer all-in-one social media marketing packages and to know what they encompass, visit our plans.

Why to choose us?
  • Improved linkability and online presence as a whole
  • Creating a sure-fire marketing plan and implementing it with our tech experts
  • Celebrity attention for the brand with the least investment
  • A broad range of services to choose from
  • Exceptional services for social branding

Web analytics is the technique of measuring, gathering, analyzing and reporting internet information for the optimization of the website pages. Whether you’re a company website or an ecommerce website, you ought to keep a track on the performance of your website over the internet.

“We analyze the traffic and trends to enhance the efficiency of your website”

Without a reliable web analytics service, it is rare to realize your business objectives. At SEOExperts, we offer a comprehensive solution for all your web related needs. So, what are you waiting for, take a look at the web analytics packages we offer.

Why to choose us?
  • Understand your business objectives
  • Thoroughly analyze the key drivers of your business using cutting-edge tools
  • Detailed reports on the activities and overall performance of your website
  • Real time statistics for better informed business decision making
  • Comprehensive Google analytics service inclusive of profile creation, code implementation and report automation

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  • PPC (Paid Search)
  • SEO (Organic Search)
  • Content Provision
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Audit